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About Us

Our philosophy of doing business is built on a foundation of trust.

Like any sound foundation, it is built one step at a time.

One encounter. One conversation. One loan at a time.

We don’t worry about the number of customers we serve, or the amount of transactions we process. Instead, we stay focused on quality, knowing that growth will come if we stay the course and work at it. By building our foundation deliberately through respectful customer interactions, we build it to last.

We want to be your financial resource for life.

Jerry Brewis: Honoring a Management Philosophy Built Around Customer Success

Why Choose Bay Country Financial Services

Bay Country Financial Services is the company to trust for fast, flexible, confidential financial services. We offer personal, consolidation, automobile, boat, trailer, RV, motor-home, and motorcycle loans.

We have more than 100 years of combined experience helping people just like you navigate the loan process expertly. From finding the best terms on a consolidation loan to helping you get an automobile loan, we will work hard to get you the loan you need– even if you have less than perfect credit. We also provide both direct and indirect lending for boats, trailers, automobiles, RVs, motor-homes, and motorcycles.

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We are Committed to Hiring Veterans