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How Will You Use Your Personal Loan?

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You may need money for any number of things from emergency funding to home repairs, vacations, taxes, and bill consolidation. At Bay Country Financial Services, we are in the business of approving borrowers for the funds they need, no matter why they need them.

Vacation Loans

You may find cruises and vacation destinations offering more affordable rates now as the economy struggles to recover from the pandemic. This is the perfect time to get away to a sunny beach, a remote cabin, a ski resort, or whatever your dream vacation might be. Vacation packages usually require at least a percentage of total costs as a downpayment at the time of booking, and some may require complete payment upfront. A vacation loan will give you the funds you need to book or pay for your trip, and still have money to spend while relaxing.


There may be any number of reasons you owe taxes, current or outstanding. The IRS won’t stop, and they have the power to freeze your bank accounts, place liens against your home or business, and garnish your paycheck. For some tax debt, the amount garnished can be an astonishing 25% of your “disposable” income from each paycheck. In addition, the IRS will take any bonuses received during the garnishment period.

In addition to garnishing wages and placing a lien on your property, the IRS charges exceptionally high-interest rates and continues to compound them daily. Smaller tax debt will quickly spiral out of control if ignored or left unpaid.

Your best course of action is to repay the IRS any back taxes before aggressive action is taken against you. We offer personal loans with controlled interest rates and predictable repayment amounts.

Bill Consolidation

Credit card debt can be overwhelming, with high-interest rates making it even more difficult. Personal loans allow you to pay off credit cards or other high-interest loans once and for all. A debt consolidation loan means combining all of your debt into one affordable payment at a lower interest rate. You can pay off all your bills, have only one payment per month, and get a boost on your credit score.

Home Improvement Loans

Your home is the biggest investment you have. If your property has seen better days, a home improvement loan is exactly what you need to cover costly repairs and upgrades. Each upgrade will increase the value of your home, from updating your kitchen to adding a bathroom or replacing the roof.

Why Bay Country Financial Services?

Bay Country Financial Services wants to make it easy to get the funding you need when you need it. We offer:

  • Financing of up to $50,000
  • Same day approvals
  • Convenient loan options
  • No application fees
  • Budget-friendly loan options
  • Three convenient locations offering loan services in Reisterstown, Glen Burnie, Easton, and the surrounding communities.

What will you do with your personal loan? Contact us now and get started.