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Secured Personal Loans

Secured Personal Loans

Secured personal loans are a great choice for someone who needs a loan but has a bad, or no, credit history.

How Does a Secured Personal Loan Work?
Instead of loaning money based on an applicant’s credit worthiness, a secured loan requires a form of collateral in the form of real estate, vehicles, or other assets to protect the lending institution.

These loans can be used just like a conventional loan, including large purchases, unexpected expenses, even paying down high interest credit cards. You keep the collateral throughout the life of the loan unless you default. After the loan is paid in full, the lender will relinquish all rights to the asset.

The Benefits of a Secured Personal Loan with Bay Country

  • Financing available of up to $50,000
  • Same day approvals
  • Convenient loan options
  • No application fees
  • Budget-friendly loan options
  • Unlike a credit card, all Bay Country loans have fixed terms and rates between 12-60 months

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Instant Funds When You Need Them!

Get funds fast and pay loans with your debit card.

  1. Apply in-store or online
  2. Receive funds on your debit or prepaid card
  3. Make a payment online or via phone

Don’t wait for checks to clear or worry about driving to a store. Bay Country Finance pushes funds straight to your debit or prepaid card so you receive funds when you need them.

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