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The Staycation Vacation

small family enjoying breakfast at home

“I don’t need a vacation,” said no one ever! 

Between work and family stressors, sometimes taking a long getaway isn’t possible. That’s why a staycation––a vacation closer to home––may be the trip that’s right for you. 

No Travel Headaches

No TSA lines. Zero lost luggage. Recalculating maps, be gone! When you choose a staycation, there are no travel hoops to jump through. The local scene is the only thing awaiting your arrival. Make the most of your paid time off by spending time right where you live. 

Stretch Your Travel Budget

Booking fees, gas prices, and sold-out hotels, oh my! ‘Tis the season when many wonder how they can afford a road trip, let alone a day trip to the zoo. You don’t have to daydream. You can travel now and have the funds to book that cruise next year with Bay Country Financial Services regardless of your credit history because approving loans is what we do. 

It’s All About You

Whether you choose a digital detox or get outside into the great outdoors, you don’t have to go far to get a change of scenery when you stick close to home. From seeing local points of interest to bingeing that show that’s oh so infamous, how you spend your time is all up to you. The laundry can wait. Have fun! 

Financial Flexibility

You’ve stuck to your budget. Now, it’s reward time! Bay Country Financial Services understands that sometimes the best things in life can’t wait, even when they’re close to home. That’s when a personal loan can come in handy. Book that five-star hotel downtown, request the chef’s table at the hippest restaurant, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Wait, you’ve never zip-lined at the park just minutes away? Hiked the mountain that you can see from your kitchen window? Camped in your backyard? It’s time to go outside your norm and go do all the things! The best part is you don’t have to go too far. 

You work hard. It’s okay to play hard close to home. Need funds for your next vacation? With fixed rates and affordable payments, let BCF help you be a tourist in your town or help you plan the trip of a lifetime. The loans you need for that well-deserved staycation are just a call or click away. Our lenders are here to help you!